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New Mission Statement

Human Rights Canon Law School is “A Trailblazer in Legal Education,” as a non-traditional alternative practitioner community school. Human Rights Canon Law School is aspiring to equip community activist and grassroots patriots who champion minorities, under-privilege people social issues and causes. What these human rights seekers have in common is they are fearlessly representing unpopular causes when justice is required, and human rights; are being denied to minorities and disadvantaged people everywhere.

The school’s mission is to change people’s lives by proving them with quality, inexpensive legal education, teaching them new and distinctive skills for providing advocacy service while professionally preparing them for various legal careers at entry-level positions as practitioners in law as licensed Canon Attorneys. Our “Legal Adult Career Education” (LACE) program is designed, to prepare and train students to meet the high demand of legal occupation fields.

Canon Law offers adult learners convenient and affordable training that accommodates their busy schedules while helping them to meet their educational goals successfully. As a nationally and regionally accredited school, we fulfill our mission by providing them with high quality, Canon Law education with active faulty support, in through innovative technology-driven by distance programs and services.

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"They not only found the right city for our new Alaska office, they found the building and staffed it for us. We were up and running in a week. Wow!"

- C Keller, The 535 Group

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